26 de junio de 2024

A researcher from the University of Parma visits the University of Angers: a commitment to research collaboration

The workpackage 3 of the EU GREEN alliance aims to facilitate collaboration between the nince partner universities on sustainability-related research projects. As part of this effort, Giovanni Sogari, a professor specializing in consumer behavior from the University of Parma (Unipr), visited the Granem laboratory at the University of Angers (UA) for a three-day stay under the Researcher Mobility Program.

Hosted by Professor Marianne Lefebvre lecturer in Economics at the University of Angers, Sogari’s visit focused on exchanging research ideas, particularly with Marianne Lefebvre, who is working on projects like sustainable water management and incentives for reducing pesticide use.

During his visit, Sogari delivered a conference on the perception of edible insects by consumers, a subject of interest to several Granem researchers, and led a workshop on research methods in consumer studies related to healthy and sustainable diets. He also explored the role of consumer behavior in food choices, emphasizing sustainable diets and alternative proteins such as edible insects.

FOTO 2 tuesday Giovanni Sogari, Marianne LefeÌbvre and Fanny Thomas 2

The visit included a tour of the Userlab P2AC at UA, a facility equipped with virtual reality headsets, eye-tracking devices, and sensors for human behavior analysis.

Also, young researchers from the UA had the opportunity to meet Sogari and to present him their research projects during a scientific walk in the city center of Angers.

The interactions during the visit fostered deeper research exchanges around edible insects and, more generally, sustainable food, enabling to envisage joint research projects in the medium term..

EU GREEN is an ambitious project aimed at making international universities more competitive, attractive, innovative, and diverse. Besides Unipr and UA, the network includes the University of Extremadura (Spain), the University of Gävle (Sweden), Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (Poland), the University of Évora (Portugal), Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany), ATU (Ireland), and the University of Oradea (Romania).