13 de marzo de 2024

EU GREEN Alliance: Nine Universities Convene in Mayo and Connemara for Sustainability Summit

Atlantic Technological University, a proud member of the EU GREEN European University Alliance, is delighted to host an international workshop focussing on Engagement for Sustainable Societies and Economies at ATU from March 12th to 14th.

ATU collaborates with eight other universities from Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Germany, and Portugal in the EU GREEN Alliance, led by the University of Extremadura, to form a ‘super campus’ with more than 158,000 students and 18,000 staff. With a shared commitment to responsible growth, inclusive education, and environmental stewardship, these universities have come together under the banner of EU GREEN to amplify their impact and drive positive change.

This collaborative event will initially showcase the competencies and expertise of all EU GREEN partners and their external stakeholders by introducing their contribution to solving sustainable challenges in their regions.

Development of an EU GREEN Engagement Hub, a further pivotal component of the workshop, will serve as a collaborative platform and a flourishing space for exchanging knowledge, information, and best practises on societal engagement. EU GREEN aims to ensure the frequent organisation of virtual and physical networking events with partners to identify challenges and find common ground on action plans related to each SDG. Through this hub, ATU seeks to disseminate best practices and manage opportunities for socioeconomic commitment and impact across EU GREEN partner universities.

Professor Frances Lucy, ATU Lead for EU Green, said, «We are honoured to welcome our European university partners to ATU for collaborative engagement as part of EU GREEN. Our goal, as lead partner for the work package on Engagement for Sustainable Societies and Economies, is to create a collaborative structure that enhances the role of EU GREEN partner universities within regional ecosystems.»

At the heart of EU GREEN’s mission lies the commitment to foster sustainability and promote the green economy. To achieve this, specific challenges will be developed for EU GREEN communities, encompassing students, researchers, staff, and associate partners from various sectors. These challenges will address pressing issues and empower participants to drive positive change within their communities and regions.

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Professor Mariana Muresan, University of Oradea (Romania) Lead for EU Green added,

«The involvement of the University of Oradea, who are co-lead on this work package, in the European academic consortium EUGREEN and participation in the international workshop held by Atlantic Technological University, represent an excellent opportunity to benefit from the exchange of best practices and to capitalise on a European experience that can help us connect to the highest European standards in sustainability.” EU GREEN is part of the broader European University Alliances initiative, comprising 60 alliances dedicated to strengthening European values and enhancing international competitiveness within the European Higher Education Area. Launched in January 2023, EU GREEN embodies the principles of Responsible Growth, Inclusive Education, and Environmental Stewardship.

One of the key highlights of the summit is a series of site visits to local sustainability projects in Mayo and Connemara. Participants will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the innovative approaches being implemented to promote environmental conservation, support local communities, and foster sustainable development in the region.

The EU GREEN Work Package 5 Workshop promises to be a catalytic event, driving meaningful dialogue and action towards a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.

More details on EU GREEN can be found here www.eugreen.eu

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