Transversal skills for the internationalization of Young Researchers through EU Projects

Title of the BIP

Transversal skills for the internationalization of Young Researchers through EU Projects

Hosting University

University of Extremadura, Place La Vera – Campo Arañuelo Rural Innovation Hub (Cáceres, SPAIN)

Virtual Period start:

2nd May 2024

Virtual Period end:

30th May 2024

In-presence Period start:

1st July 2024

In-presence Period end:

5th July 2024

Language of teaching:

English B2

ECTS credits:


Number of participants:


Study level required:

PhD students and early career researchers

Selection criteria:

  • Be a student enrolled in one of the 9 EU GREEN universities or EU GREEN Ukrainian associated partner universities.
  • Be a Master, or Doctoral Programme level student, provided they are enrolled at their home university throughout the entire period of the BIP.
  • Be a young researcher with employment contract with one of the 9 universities of the Alliance.

If a selection is needed, the selection criteria will be:

  • Alignment of the research field to the EU GREEN clusters (Up to 3 points).
  • Evaluation of the Motivation goals to be aligned to (Up to 3 points).
  • Potential of leverage of the profile to external competitive EU funds (Up to 3 points).

There will be two periods of revisions, the first one on the 29th of March and the second one at the end of the opening period of submission.


Cristina Gallardo (Universidad de Extremadura)

Indira Padero (Universidad de Extremadura)

Programme description

This comprehensive training program, tailored for doctoral students and novice researchers, is designed to equip participants with a diverse skill set crucial for their academic and professional growth.

The program is divided into three core modules: «Self-promotion and Communication Skills,» Project Idea conceptualization and transversal contents in EU Projects” and “Sustainability in EU projects» Here, we provide a brief overview of each module and its significance in fostering well-rounded and ethically responsible researchers.