17 de junio de 2024

EU GREEN Research Week at Atlantic Technological University (Ireland) | 17th-19th of June 2024

EU GREEN Alliance Hosts Research Conference at ATU

Atlantic Technological University (ATU) welcomed over 100 delegates from around Europe to the second edition of the EU GREEN Alliance Research Week. The event brought together nine universities to explore the theme «Bridging Gaps: How to Advance Collaboration in Research and Education?»

Spanning three days, the event showcased the progress made by EU GREEN partners in the past year and highlight their contributions to sustainable challenges through research. Key discussions focused on the integration of research and education, with plans for the next steps in the alliance’s six thematic clusters, the Joint Research Committee, and the PhD Council. The goal is to share best practices and manage opportunities for collaboration among EU GREEN universities.

Leading the initiative are the University of Angers, France, and the University of Parma, Italy. These institutions are fostering connections between researchers across the EU GREEN network. Several tools, including mobility funds, seed funding, and co-supervision of PhD programs, have been established to facilitate this collaboration.

The inaugural edition, held in Angers, France, in June 2023, marked the first in-person meeting of the research segment of the EU GREEN project. It successfully gathered over 100 participants, a number expected to be matched at ATU Sligo.

Claire Manceau, Head of the European project division at University of Angers and WP3 leader, said «We are honored to convene for the second time with our European university partners at ATU as part of EU GREEN for collaborative engagement. As the lead partner for the «Structuring Research-Based Excellence Clusters» work package, our goal is to establish a collaborative network among our universities while preserving the connection between research and education within the broader context of sustainability.»

EU GREEN is part of the broader European University Alliances initiative, comprising 60 alliances dedicated to strengthening European values and enhancing international competitiveness within the European Higher Education Area. Launched in January 2023, EU GREEN embodies the principles of Responsible Growth and Inclusive Education.

The nine EU GREEN universities span across Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Germany, and Portugal within the EU GREEN Alliance, under the leadership of the University of Extremadura. Together, they form a ‘super campus’ with over 158,000 students and 18,000 staff. With a united commitment to responsible growth, inclusive education, and environmental stewardship, these institutions have united under the EU GREEN banner to amplify their impact and drive positive change.

At the core of EU GREEN’s mission lies the commitment to foster sustainability. To achieve this, specific challenges will be developed for EU GREEN communities, encompassing students, researchers, staff, and associate partners from various sectors. These challenges will address pressing issues and empower participants to drive positive change within their communities and regions.

For further information please contact: eugreenwp3@univ-angers.fr