29 de noviembre de 2023

Meeting for the digital transformation of EU GREEN at the Otto Von Guericke University (Germany). Magdeburg, 28th and 29th of November 2023

A digital campus will be the linchpin of our European university alliance (@eugreenalliance) and will connect all students, teachers and administrative staff.
In the meeting organised in Magdeburg these days, EU GREEN partners are talking about the digital transformation of the alliance.

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The keynote has given the partners a broad overview of the interoperability of European higher education alliances and the challenges involved.
The working sessions where individual needs and requirements are discussed over two days help to shape a sustainable transfer of digital resources at the European partner universities and lay a foundation for our infrastructure.

The alliance attendees of WP 9 infrastructure began to meet in Magdeburg to continue developing the GREENWORKS infrastructure. This in-person meeting is important to get a closer look onto details like how to solve problems such as different data security specifications, what to share, how to deliver and so on