Governance (alliance)

Governance (alliance)

Composed of one Rector or President from each university and chaired by the President of the coordinating institution. This board will formulate and inform the strategy of the Alliance with the goal to set the solid foundations of a unique university system.

The Vice-President of this board is elected by the Rectors and remains in charge for a period of 24 months. The role can be renovated one more time and must respect the gender balance with the role of the President.

The Senate acts as the political and strategical body of the Alliance. It translates the general strategy into specific strategies in the framework of Research, Education, Internationalization, Third/Fourth Mission.

This body validates and supports the operational work carried out at Executive Committee level.

It is formed by a maximum of:

-3 representatives from each partner institution in one or more of the following frameworks: Research, Education, Third and/or Fourth Mission, Internationalization and Administration.

-3 students, in representation of the Student Council.

-3 Associated partner representatives, 1 of them in representation of Ukrainian Universities associated to the Alliance.

The EU GREEN Senate is represented by its President, elected by the Senate representatives on a simple majority basis. The President can only be elected among the EU GREEN Alliance partner universities.

Comprises a representative of the 4 Councils of Vice-Rectors, a representative from the External Stakeholder Advisory Council and a representative from the Student Council, for each partner. It is the main decision-making body. With semestral meetings, its agenda is elaborated by the Executive Committee.

Consisting of the leaders and co-leaders of each Work Package and two

representatives of each university, will represent the executive body. The Executive Committee will be the agile project core team and thus guarantee the commitment of the consortium members towards achieving overall performance. It interacts permanently and hold meetings at least on a monthly basis to analyse progress and identify, tackle and resolve delays or issues in the implementation of the Work Plan in line with the quality indicators panel. It is the main body in charge of planning and monitoring all the aspects of the Alliance development, in compliance with the EU GREEN Governance and Coordination guidance, risk management, as well as data and ethics procedures.

The Student Council is the advisory body that represents the students’ interests in the Alliance. All its constituents, 2 student representatives by each institution -including PhD students-, internally choose students that represent their initiatives in the EU GREEN Senate. Students are involved at all levels of governance.