Access, Diversity and Inclusion


As part of EU GREEN’s commitment to deepening its social impact and educating for sustainable development, this section will underpin our holistic approach to improving the quality of life and well-being of all our citizens through:

  • The contribution to equipping people with fewer opportunities with the necessary tools to participate in society on equal terms;

  • Helping to overcome the structural limitations of education programmes that do not fully take into account the particular needs of some people, working hand in hand with public bodies and civil society.

The main pillars of our action plan are to co-design and implement our strategy, evaluate its impact and ensure feedback, and share best practice with other higher education institutions and non-academic stakeholders.

The following tasks will be performed:

  • The creation of a Commission on Access, Diversity and Inclusion.

  • The development of an EU GREEN Inclusion and Diversity Manifesto that will provide the Alliance with a common policy in relation to students and people with fewer opportunities. It will provide a framework (guidelines, procedures, etc.) for designing concrete strategies and targets for building inclusion, implementing and managing our inclusive practices or auditing equity and inclusiveness in the EU GREEN Alliance.

  • The digital provision of free course materials and curricula in sustainability at each partner institution, as well as the Alliance’s joint modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

  • The development of lifelong learning programmes on sustainability in EU GREEN.

  • Organising specific sporting and cultural events are two of the best ways to come together and develop a sense of belonging.