Communication, Dissemination and Impact


To generate impact in a secure way, we need consistent e-infrastructure development, inclusive internal and external communication, laying the foundations for impact through dissemination. In order to design a working system that suits each institution in the partnership, we created a Communication, Dissemination and Impact Commission with experts from each institution to take on these tasks.

Within each of the EU GREEN alliance institutions, we use many different e-infrastructures, have redundancies in resources and unique forms of digital cooperation, storage and knowledge sharing. To unify these different approaches, the key pillar of this work package is the creation of a shared network, “THE GREENWORK”, which will integrate existing elements into a newly created structure. THE GREENWORK will be the headquarters of the partnership. A key feature is that only a unique identifier will be needed for existing and new structures, a key success factor for members to actually use THE GREENWORK.

THE GREENWORK will host the EU GREEN Directory, generated by first creating a catalogue of all existing resources, access to data, etc. and then implementing a system that enhances resource sharing. Both THE GREENWORK and the EU GREEN Directory will thus become the anchors both for educational activities and resource storage as well as for research cooperation and knowledge sharing. However, we are aware that the main impact factor for the success of the partnership will be in recreating the administrative processes and academic structure. In this sense, we are dedicated to creating a lasting impact for digital European Higher Education Institutions.

In order to cooperate successfully, they will create a technical standard that each university has to provide and develop a procurement standard, to enrich the partnership with the necessary resources for their projects and objectives towards the SDGs by expanding the EU GREEN Directory.

Through our different native languages, but also through many other aspects of communication, we speak for the same goal, but not in the same way. To change this, EU GREEN will devote time and effort to identify and define a common standard for inclusive communication and ensure that it is implemented, actively used and enforced. The inclusive language standard will contain communication rules, a shared vocabulary and measures for inclusion, with multiple formats adapted to the different needs of our members.

The EU GREEN Advocacy Grant is designed as a support fund that enables activities and exchanges to make EU GREEN more public internally. In order to communicate also with external stakeholders, we need to develop a strong brand, based on the fundamentals of our inclusive communication, built on the best of our experiences in science and impact communication that already exist in our institutions. The brand will be the key aspect of the outreach strategy, our approach to start the debate and move towards a more sustainable development of the world, thus contributing to Europe creating an educational space for 2025 and moving towards the SDGs.

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