Innovation and Entrepreneurship


All activities are programmed to be developed by all project partners in constant interaction and synergy with the rest of the sections, according to the following themes:

  • Integration of Alliance members with the development of an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Commission and an EU GREEN Network of Technology Transfer Offices.

  • The conception of a structured database shared by this Commission, to define an action plan on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Sustainability.

  • The development of two Staff Weeks with a training programme to increase the expertise of Alliance Transfer Offices on patent application support, intellectual property directly related to sustainability issues, among others.

  • The development of an Innovation Mapping Interface, connecting research staff with external stakeholders, to identify sustainability-related areas where their competences can be transferred to industry, and to increase opportunities for joint research projects between research clusters and industry.

  • Promotion of entrepreneurship, supporting the creation of start-ups and spin-offs focused on sustainability-related products/services. These activities will include:

    • 3 EU GREEN summer camps for entrepreneurs.

    • 2 innovation days with groups of students.

    • 4 training activities to prepare doctoral students and research staff in sustainable entrepreneurship.

    • 4 workshops on intellectual property.

    • 2 annual support tools for start-ups.

  • The creation of Local Innovation Centres, enhancing regional entrepreneurship through:

    • Virtual workshops with Alliance participants.

    • A physical space associated to the EU GREEN project in each University (EU GREEN Business Lounges).

    • Incubation centres in technology parks.