Coordination and Management

management and coordination

This section is designed to ensure both effective and efficient project management and coordination. The management methodology will be based on the PM2 approach, which will establish the general outline of the management processes and tools, customised to suit the reality of EU GREEN.

The eight tasks described below follow the key management principles that are considered essential to achieve the efficiency and quality required by EU GREEN:

1. Steering and coordination to ensure the full implementation and development of the EU GREEN partnership, in line with the Mission Statement.

2. Project implementation methodology for the establishment of a governance and management methodology for EU GREEN.

3. Administrative management, covering all administrative, legal and financial aspects to be taken into account for the timely implementation of the project, as well as to ensure compliance with contractual obligations, good management practices and the provisions of the Consortium Agreement.

4. Quality management to monitor and assess the technical quality and consistency of EU GREEN activities.

5. Risk management, including all activities necessary for the identification, monitoring and mitigation of risks associated with the project.

6. Mediation and identity management, to resolve conflicts arising from the development of the project or related to the multicultural reality of EU GREEN. In addition, this task will ensure respect for the principles of gender equality, diversity and inclusion inherent to EU GREEN.

7. Safeguarding ethics and data protection compliance.

8. Partnership beyond the project: long-term sustainability and its integration into the university system.