6 de May de 2024

A look back at the “Get active” sports challenge

It’s time for the review after 3 weeks of intensive walking, as a result of the “Get Active” sports challenge, organized by the University of Angers (UA) as part of the work package on sustainable and healthy campus! The challenge, which ran from April 8 to 28, 2024, brought together 2,882 participants in 682 teams coming from seven partner universities in the alliance: the universities of Évora in Portugal, Oradea in Romania, Wrocław in Poland, Magdeburg in Germany, Extremadura in Spain, Atlantic Technological University in Ireland and the University of Angers.

The challenge was launched to promote physical activity, combat a sedentary lifestyle and encourage soft mobility. By challenging students and staff from partner universities, the initiative aimed to promote a healthy, active lifestyle while strengthening ties within the EU Green community. Participants were invited to accumulate points in teams by walking or cycling, with bonus points earned through fun challenges and quizzes, all via the Kiplinapp. The chat groups available on the app enabled students and staff from the 7 participating universities to exchange ideas in a friendly atmosphere. After three weeks of effort, the results were impressive, revealing the enthusiasm and competitiveness of the participants: a total of 279,231 kilometers crossed, with an average of 8,803 steps per day per participant. Wrocław University topped the rankings (after calculating the average of individual scores).

Congratulations to all the teams for their commitment and remarkable performance! The EU GREEN alliance looks forward supporting such initiatives to promote health, well-being and sustainability within its campuses.