9 de May de 2023

EU GREEN through its WP 3 team is pleased to publish its 2023 to 2027 RESEARCH STRATEGY

The strategic plan outlines the plan’s mission, vision and approach (Deliverable 3.1 and Task 3.1). The content was developed through workshops and meetings. The team was pleased to receive positive engagement and welcomed the constructive feedback. In a nutshell, this deliverable reports 3 different sets of information:

1. It summarises the research macro areas, the research potential, and the organisation of each EU GREEN University.

2. It summarises the tasks of the EU GREEN research work package, defining aims, initial roadmaps, detailed timing, and evaluation criteria.

3. It finally summarises the expanded contents and objectives of the 6 research clusters.

The strategy outlines several pillars of work:

Challenging opportunity

According to all the EU GREEN allied Universities the project represents a challenging opportunity for interdisciplinary research in the field of sustainability

Unique chance

Simultaneously, EU GREEN represents a unique European opportunity as it will enable peripheral and regionally located universities to become more internationally oriented.

A six-cluster strategy

The 6 research clusters are the way to initially drive this process, to group and coordinate scientists according to their expertise and to stimulate collaborative research.

Non-research units collaborating

In parallel, other non-research units from the different Universities interact and exchange information to inform each other, identify University-specific skills and expertise and support inter-Universities research clusters by circulating EU calls and helping during the different application and administrative steps.