19 de October de 2023

Research: 2nd information session seed funding & researcher mobility program | 19th of October 2023 from 11:30 to 12:30 (CEST time)

EU GREEN, through its WP3, is launching two yearly joint procedures to stimulate research collaboration among our 9 universities:

  1. Researchers from EU GREEN partner universities can submit proposals aligned with the 6 EU GREEN clusters for seed funding to develop collaborative research and innovation projects.
  2. They can also apply to a yearly researcher mobility program to stimulate research collaboration among our 9 universities. It is expected from the research visits to either launch or reinforce research cooperation between EU GREEN institutions on an individual (researchers), intermediate (teams/medium scale projects) or institutional level (research centers/large scale projects).

These procedures, implemented by the Work Package Research (WP3),are believed to leverage inter-university collaboration.

All the information regarding the application procedures can be found here.

These calls are open from 15th of September 2023 – to November 15th 2023.

You can join the information session by clicking here. You can contact us at eugreenwp3@uni-angers.fr