13 de October de 2023

Education: Staff Week in Wrocław | 9th to 13th of October 2023

Graduate Attributes and Education Strategy

Among the invited guests were representatives from eight consortium partners, including vice-rectors for education, student affairs, and experts in the field of education, research, and administrative staff responsible for shaping the educational structure at their respective institutions.

Experts also undertook the work on common Graduate Attributes, which represent a set of learning outcomes involving knowledge, skills, social competencies, as well as values and attitudes. These attributes should shape the profile of an EU GREEN graduate, making it unique compared to graduates from other universities and other European University Alliances. All of these efforts ultimately aim to develop integrated study programs that provide graduates with the opportunity to obtain multiple degrees issued by the respective partner universities of the alliance offering these programs and multi-sided diplomas.

Creating the opportunity for seamless transfer between consortium universities as part of the ongoing educational process is an achievement aligned with the main goal of the European University Initiative.

Photo by Tomasz Lewandowski

Photo by Tomasz Lewandowski

Strengthening the alliance through integration

Staff Week is all about hours of deliberation and hard work. However, in order to ensure that, in addition to the undoubted effects of our joint work, the guests would return home with good memories, UPWr organised several evening activities for them. Thus, representatives of all the allied universities had the opportunity to visit the palace in Pawłowice, and to taste local cuisine and wine from Lower Silesian vineyards. Staff Week participants also took part in collective dumpling-making at the newly opened Centre for Technological Innovation on the Biskupin campus.

The next event within the EU GREEN alliance, hosted by UPWr, is planned for May next year – the so-called Rectors Meeting, i.e. a meeting of rectors and vice-rectors of all universities in the consortium.