10 de October de 2023

Students Council | 1st in person meeting, Wrocław (Poland), 9th – 10th of October 2023

Students Council -Tomasz Lewandowski

Students Council – Photo by Tomasz Lewandowski

To ensure inclusivity of the discussions and efforts, the main stakeholders in the developed strategy, the students, also participated. On October 9-10, 2023, as part of the Students Council meeting, students discussed issues related to defining Graduate Attributes (considering Sustainable Development Goals, job market needs, and acquiring soft skills). They also worked on tools to ensure multilingual education. The results of this intensive week-long work will be made public in early 2024 when the strategy document, approved by the EU GREEN Senate, will be enacted.

Additionally, student and doctoral student representatives from allied partners discussed the structure of the Students Council, the frequency of meetings, and the most effective communication channels. They also decided that their representatives must participate in the work of all nine consortium working groups and in the governing body of EU GREEN, the Executive Committee.