15 de January de 2024

European Universities Partners Collaborate to Foster Sustainable and Healthy Campuses | Donegal and Sligo, Ireland – January 15-18th, 2024

The WP8 Staff Week, a collaborative effort among our nine universities, kicked off today January 15th in an effort to promote sustainable and healthy campus initiatives across the alliance. The workshop, brings together staff members and students from various universities and disciplines throughout Europe, to share best practices, challenges, and innovative solutions in the realm of sustainability and health promotion.

ATU Donegal are hosts for day one and two, whilst ATU Sligo are host for day three and four. The events included presentations from EU partners on the current status within their universities, focusing on successful initiatives and the challenges they face. The participants also had the opportunity to attend workshops, engage in discussions, and enjoy a dinner accompanied by live music at the Mount Errigal Hotel.

The second day featured parallel sessions, including workshops for students and staff, as well as joint presentations of workshop results. The program then moved to Sligo for a site visit at the Organic Centre and free time for participants to explore the area. On the third day, the focus shifted to climate challenges and re-imagining green and blue spaces for a resilient campus. Participants engaged in systems mapping, thematic analysis workshops, and discussions on actionable goals and next steps.

The program will conclude on January 18th with parallel sessions for students and staff, including workshops and action plan activities. The week will culminate in joint presentations of workshop results and conclusions.

Agneta Morelli (Work Package 8 leader) states that “The WP8 Staff Week Program aims to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among European universities to create more sustainable and healthy campus environments. By exchanging ideas and experiences, the participating universities seek to drive positive change and promote a culture of sustainability within their respective campuses”.

For more information, please contact eugreen@atu.ie

Photo Clive Wasson
Photo Clive Wasson