25 de January de 2024

Transforming EU Higher Education: EU GREEN’s Innovative Approach to Sustainability

Transforming EU Higher Education: EU GREEN’s Innovative Approach to Sustainability

EU GREEN Alliance is actively engaged in crafting an educational model centred around sustainability and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Alliance is dedicated to constructing an inclusive, self-sustainable educational framework rooted in problem-based learning and STEAM education. The primary focus is on cultivating sustainability competencies outlined in the European framework (GreenComp), which play a pivotal role in advancing SDGs across various learning environments, including face-to-face, blended, or virtual settings.

One of the EU GREEN main aims is to co-create a dynamic learning experience where students actively participate in addressing societal challenges through innovative solutions. The goal is to equip students to make well-informed, ethical, and research-based decisions, particularly in the context of a post-pandemic world.

The 9 Universities of this Alliance are committed to providing students with a global perspective by offering an international experience. Through interactions and collaborations with students, teachers, and communities from partner institutions, students learn the values of diversity, multilingualism, inclusiveness, adaptability, and sustainability.

Furthermore, EU GREEN seeks to foster collaboration among teaching staff, administration, and associate partners. By establishing and supporting a sustainable academic community, EU GREEN aims to facilitate the exchange of educational ideas and best practices, ultimately contributing to the advancement of SDGs. This collaborative effort also ensures the long-term sustainability of the Alliance and enhances the development of regional peripheral territories within a global context.

Recognizing the significance of all stakeholders in achieving these goals, EU GREEN provides a common space where individuals can access opportunities such as scholarships, events, and networking. The alliance encourages active participation, interaction, and collaboration to collectively work towards the outlined objectives. For those interested in getting involved and learning more about these initiatives, EU GREEN invites exploration of its website to stay updated on news and opportunities.