3 de July de 2023

I EU GREEN Research Week in Angers, France

More than 100 researchers from 9 countries meet in Angers (France), from June 26 to 29 to celebrate the I Research Week within the framework of the EU GREEN European alliance. The leaders of the 6 research clusters from each country have attended this first research mission, who have acted as interlocutors to present all the proposals made by the teaching staff interested in international collaborations. The clusters have been led by the consortium’s 9 research and transfer vice-chancellors and their Task Forces. The meeting took place in France, since the alliance’s research strategy is led by the University of Angers and co-led by the University of Parma (Italy).

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With this week for research, the aim is to make a first contact with the researchers of the alliance to find common points of interest, create synergies and bet on international collaborations. As a result, it is expected that joint proposals will be written and work will be done on different aspects of research, since there are many points that unite the 9 universities that are part of this alliance, which was created seeking geographical balance and similarities between partners in in order to create a tenth university where individual strengths enrich a single common university. The proposals that arise will receive technical support from the Office of the Vice President for Research, the EUGREEN team and the European Projects Office.

The clusters that have been represented in France are:

  • Cluster 1 – Emerging paradigms for health and well-being.
  • Cluster 2 – Agriculture, food, and environmental sustainability.
  • Cluster 3 – Engineering and technology for sustainable development.
  • Cluster 4 – Sustainable tourism for cultural and natural heritage.
  • Cluster 5 – Education sciences for sustainable development.
  • Cluster 6 – Challenges in ecosystem biodiversity and function. A macroregional evaluation.

These clusters show the priority lines of Europe and those of the alliance, but are open to related proposals from the research community.

This research week represents one of the axes of the alliance, which also supports its foundations in the joint planning of studies, including degrees, masters, doctoral programs and industrial doctorates. In addition, it contemplates initiatives that enrich the life of the campus and reinforce internationalization. In short, the ‘European Universities’ initiative aims to strengthen strategic alliances between universities in the European Union and increase international competitiveness within the European Higher Education Area. The EU GREEN Alliance will turn its partners into more competitive and transforming universities under the prestigious brand of European Universities, which represents a differential value, since there are still few universities that have managed to be part of an alliance.

For more information about the event, you can visit the website that has been created: https://wp3eugreen.univ-angers.fr/en/index.html, visit the EUGREEN general website: https://eugreenalliance.eu/ or contact the EUGREEN coordination team (eugreen_uexpoba@unex.es, eugreen_uexpocc@unex.es)