24 de September de 2023

Staff Week focused on Access, Diversity, and Inclusion at the University of Oradea (Rumania) | 24th to 28th of September 2023

This event marks a pivotal moment at the University of Oradea, as leading researchers from all 9 EU GREEN Alliance universities meet to deepen their collaborative efforts on Work Package 7, focusing on Access, Diversity, and Inclusion. This Work Package is led by Oradea and co-led by the University of Gävle.

The program started with a heartfelt welcome from the hosts at the University of Oradea—Prof. Anca Otilia Dodescu, Vice-Rector, and local EU GREEN coordinator- along with Prof. Karla Barth, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Humanistic Sciences and Manager of WP7.

The discussions progressed with an insightful overview of Infrastructure and Services across partner universities, aimed at fostering enhanced access, diversity, and inclusion. The afternoon segment delved into updates on the status of the Access, Diversity and Inclusion (ADI) database, as well as the architecture for the future ADI Chart for the Alliance. One of the chart’s core objectives is to spotlight underrepresented groups while simultaneously providing an overview of global advancements and the quantifiable impact of Inclusion and Diversity policies in higher education. This gathering serves as an invaluable platform for fortifying research cooperation among EU GREEN institutions, whether on individual, project-specific, or institutional levels.

On the second day, researchers from our partner universities engaged in robust discussions around Life-Long Learning programs. The talks exchanged good practices and also revealed an emerging trend: people are increasingly pursuing education at all ages, motivated solely by the joy of learning. Teams also reviewed the initial draft of the ADI Chart and outlined specific tasks and timelines for finalizing these documents, ensuring they meet the standards upheld as an alliance.

The rest of the workshops focus on the improvement of each partner’s diagnostic reports, as well as on the main tasks to be implemented in the forthcoming months with regard to ADI’s recommendations.

pic 2 staff week Oradea