22 de April de 2024

Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences joins world Earth Day celebrations as part of the EU GREEN Alliance | Poland – 22nd of April 2024

On a sunny, yet chilly morning of April 22nd, in celebration of Earth Day, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences invited students to a day full of activities aimed at highlighting the importance of protecting the natural environment.

This year’s Earth Day at Wroclaw University took place within the framework of the EU GREEN Alliance cooperation. The day began in the courtyard in front of the Educational and Research Center building, where participants gathered for an official welcome. The organizers presented the goals and objectives of Earth Day, emphasizing the importance of eco-friendly initiatives and the role of each individual in nature conservation. Under the supervision of Agnieszka Wróblewska, participants had the chance to take part in a stretching session, which was not only a perfect way to start the day but also reminded everyone of the importance of physical activity. After the energizing session, there was a short break during which participants could grab some healthy snacks. Water, fresh fruits, and beverages were available to everyone needing a moment of relaxation while enjoying the light, friendly atmosphere. Before 10 a.m., students began cleaning the areas along the embankments near the Szczytnicki Bridge. Equipped with gloves and trash bags, volunteers collected waste, and the most dedicated had the chance to win attractive prizes, which further motivated their efforts. Participants not only contributed to changing the local space but also set an exemplary standard of care for the state of our planet. Additionally, students downloaded the Kiplin app, formed a team, and participated in the Get Active challenge – another initiative that UPWr is implementing together with other members of the EU GREEN Alliance. At the same time, in the Geo-Info-Hydro building’s library, workshops focusing on student well-being took place. During a coffee and pizza break, participants shared their thoughts on mental health and the importance of rest, which provided an excellent opportunity for networking and exchanging experiences. The day concluded with plant-planting workshops. Students received all necessary materials: gloves, pots, soil, and plants, which they could then take home. This symbolic activity emphasized the importance of personal contributions to creating a green future.

Earth Day at the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences was not only about highlighting ecology and healthy living but also about integrating the community around a common goal: caring for our planet.


earth day 2 UPWr

Photography Addriana Hołdys