12 de April de 2024

EU GREEN Alliance Strengthens Collaboration and Communication at University of Extremadura

From April 9th to 11th, 2024, the EU GREEN Alliance’s Executive Committee and Communication experts convened in Jarandilla de la Vera, Extremadura, to enhance collaboration and prioritize actions within the Alliance.

The extraordinary meetings of the EU GREEN Alliance’s Communication Subcommission and Executive Committee marked a significant milestone in improving communication strategies and identifying synergies, dependencies, and priority actions.

Throughout the week, discussions focused on fostering synergies between different areas of work to maximize collaboration among partners. Topics relevant to the Alliance’s future, such as management processes and operational issues, were deliberated upon. Fernando M. Galán, Executive Director of ARQUS Alliance, shared insights on key management and budgeting matters within the framework of European University Alliances.

Led by various partners, the Executive Committee sessions aimed to align efforts and leverage best practices to enhance effectiveness and drive change. These extraordinary meetings acted as catalysts for advancing Alliance communication goals and strengthening team bonds.

Leaders and communication specialists from nine countries delved into the Alliance’s Communication Plan, discussing specific decisions and actions to enhance cooperation and impact. Marina Fernández-Peña Moyá, Communication Director of the ARQUS Alliance, contributed valuable insights, enriching knowledge exchange and fostering relationships among entities. Additionally, a collaborative communication process was established to facilitate smooth coordination in all initiatives.

The event commenced with a comprehensive discussion on the Communication Plan, focusing on decisions and actions to improve communication effectiveness across all Alliance initiatives. Key stakeholders participated in collaborative sessions, devising strategies to enhance engagement and streamline workflows.

The meeting concluded with a renewed commitment to implement the Communication Plan and reinforce communication workflows. Participants departed with a shared sense of purpose, determined to advance the Alliance’s mission.

In addition to the productive sessions, there was space for teambuilding activities among participants and also 3attendees enjoyed a guided tour of the Monastery of San Jerónimo de Yuste, recently awarded the European Heritage Label by the European Commission. This recognition highlights the symbolic and historical significance of the Monastery and Extremadura in shaping contemporary Europe and promoting European values.

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